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Instruction in Reading, Writing and Math

Many students come to CVABE to improve their reading, writing, and math skills in order to:

  • read mail, newspapers, forms
  • help their children with school work
  • find a job and keep a job
  • work on a hobby
  • enjoy a book and write letters
  • budget
  • take care of a home and family


CVABE students themselves talk about their goals for improving their skills:

“. . . to read the newspaper or a book”
“. . . to be able to read to my child and read the notes sent home by my child's teacher”
“. . . to learn how to write a letter and read letters that I have received”
“. . . to study for a driver's license or a Commercial Driver's License.” 


Literacy education enriches our entire community.
Click here to read Frances' story.

Studying math



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