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"Where I'm From" byDesta


"CVABE" by Malynda


"Descriptive Essay" by Ashia

"Making a BIG Wish" by Amanda

“My Father” by Mun


"Danny C. Soltesz" by George

"CVABE" by Samantha


“Camaro Engines” by Cody

"Where I'm From" by Desta

I am from the mud & dirt
on the tiers of a four wheeler & dirt bike.
I am from the smell of fresh cut grass
& cherry blossom perfume.
I am from loud music everyday & birds chirping.
I am from barbecues every weekend & camp fires late at night.
I am from carhartt jackets & ugg boots.
I am from Positive Pie Pizza & Dairy Cream creamies on a hot muggy day.
I am from my close friends & family,
my mom, Nessa, my Grammy
& the one I can tell my secrets to & know she won't tell anyone
my dog Chloe. (:
I am from texting & facebook.
I am from House Party By: Tyga & Remind me By: Brad Paisley.
I am from "you are who you are"
"everything happens for a reason"
& "everything will be ok in the end...if it's not ok then it's not the end".
I am from Halloween, Thanks Giving & Christmas
every year with my loved ones.
I am from getting up an hour & a half early to get ready to be somewhere on time. (;
I am from doing hair, makeup & nails.
I am from outgoing, happy, sad, pissed & wondering,
depends on the day.
I am from my friends & family,
I don't know who I would be without them. <3

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"CVABE" by Malynda

I have been going to CVABE program for over a year and a half now. I have had my ups and downs through the whole process of finishing my education. However, I have always been able to pick back up because of the positive experiences with CVABE program, and the wonderful people and my instructor, who supports my goals.

I have a lot of medical issues along with a very busy working schedule. CVABE has always been very flexible with me, which was something that my traditional school would have frowned upon.

I have to admit, that I disappeared a couple times. I am so glad that CVABE was so understanding about the situations I was in, like not having a vehicle . I also appreciate the kind students that also go to CVABE, who agreed to carpool. This has helped me out so much.

I am so thankful for the option of CVABE, and the people involved. It feels great to be able to walk into a place and feel 100% comfortable with the people around me, and the work I'm creating. Thank you CVABE!

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"Descriptive Essay" by Ashia

Although we meant for that special day to be a beautiful, warm, exciting adventure, we came to a hard realization. No one can control the weather. It was brisk outside by the water. The wind was blowing a soft but chilly breeze, and Mother Nature must have decided it was too dry out because she made the clouds roll in, and soon after came a sprinkle. I knew we would never get in the water with bad weather, and I soon began to feel anxious, afraid of what was to come.

Before we knew it thunder and lightning were heard from afar. Worries and doubt filled the minds of everyone surrounding us, that the day would soon be over because of the weather taking a turn for the worst. Our hopes were high, but spirits were almost as dreary and gloomy as the darkening weather that the grey clouds had created.

The water was rough and choppy, and we had watched the bright, shining sun quickly become hidden behind the clouds. Yet, even with the slowly darkening, wet, cold atmosphere the sky was still lit up. You could see bits and pieces of bright blue and white flashes of lightning in the distance. It oddly became a mood lifter for all those who were around us.

We were all disappointed when the weather began to turn, but once we saw the bright strikes of lightening throughout the sky and heard the loud, ferocious sounds of the thunder we all “oohed” and “awed” about it, pointing to the sky with fascination and curiosity. It quickly became a conversation starter between everyone and, before we knew it, our worries had left.

While everyone was in the midst of conversation, wondering if the day was soon coming to an end; people began asking questions. “Are we not swimming today?” Will we get our money back?!” “The weathers not gonna ease up anytime soon.” “Should we leave..?”

Without anyone even realizing it the loud, bold roars of thunder came to a rest as the bright, exciting colors lighting up the sky started to fade with it. The rain turned into a light sprinkle and slowly eased until it came to a stop. The clouds were clearing, the sky began to turn back to its baby blue color. The water settled and became clear again; it showed its beautiful, bright green, turquoise mixture.

Now the sun was shining once again, it reflected beautifully off the water, making the world such a bright, uplifting place in that moment. Not one person was without a big smile from ear to ear. Our wet, cold feet came out from being buried under the white, soft, grainy sand. My mom and I pulled our long blonde hair back up into pony-tails, and grabbed our snorkels. Everyone was so eager with joy and excitement to finally put our feet in the clear, warm water.

Once we felt that beautiful, Bahamian water, my mom and I eagerly swam towards the dolphins with excitement to finally begin our journey, and suddenly it was as if the clock re-wound itself and the sun had never left us.

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"Making a BIG Wish" by Amanda

Two summers ago our family took a 6,000 mile round trip, out to Northwestern Montana, down into Yellowstone and back to Vermont. We traveled in our crew cab truck with our large fifth-wheel camper attached to the back. It was five days of driving before we reached the Big Sky of Montana. Montana was beautiful and everything there seemed bigger, especially the sky. It felt like we were inside a snow globe where the sky went two thirds of the way around and the ground covered the other third. When stopped at a viewing area along the highway to stretch our legs it was like a breath of fresh air, since by day four it felt like we might never reach anything worth having traveled so far.

This pit stop was located in the northwestern part of Montana, near Glacier National Forest. The wind blew softly on that sunny, summer afternoon. The sky was a creamy light blue, without a cloud in sight. The tall grass waved in the breeze. We climbed out of our truck and stood on a curvy paved road with a long line of tall, dark green pine trees in the background. In the distance you could see a small, dark brown building.

My daughters, then ages 12 and 7, both wore bright blue t-shirts that day. Serenity, my oldest, has long curly brown hair which she contained in a braid down her back and sported a dark blue baseball cap. My younger daughter, Selah, has blond hair which was cut short at the time. They found some giant dandelion poms along the roadside. The poms were fluffy, white and the size of baseballs. Like I mentioned earlier, everything in Montana seemed bigger!

“My girls”, as I call them, seemed happy. Their giggling and their broad smiles tell a story all their own. I’ve wondered if they were making wishes to experience something new and amazing before they blew the seeds off their poms. If not, by the end of the road trip they definitely knew their dreams had been realized. This had been the best family vacation ever!!!

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"My Father" by Mun

The Korean War started in 1950 and went until 1953. During the war more than a million people from Korea, America, and many other countries died. The Korean War affected the good Korean people and destroyed their homes, businesses and land. It also destroyed the Korean economy. During the War, civilians and soldiers did not trust each other, creating a dangerous situation. This is my father’s story about what happened at that time.

My father was one of the nicest people in the whole world. He was born in North Korea. My father came from North Korea in 1950 during the Korean War. He was forced to fight. He was captured by the South Korean army. He was not a soldier. He was a civilian in North Korea, but the North Korean Government made him fight and kill South Koreans. My father was the only person from his family to escape from North Korea. When he fought he was shot three times. He almost died. South Korean soldiers found him while he was shot and in a very dangerous situation. They helped him out.

He was very lucky to have another chance at a new life. When he lived in South Korea, he was always thinking about North Korea. He wanted to see if any other family members survived. His wish was to see South Korea and North Korea together. But he did not live to see it. Now this is my wish and dream, my father’s dream and wish, and I want to take it over.

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"Danny C. Soltesz November 22, 1957 – May 5, 2014" by George

I met Danny on a trucking job in the mid 80s. Danny trained me how to run a flat bed trailer. We chained down the load and headed out to do a delivery. Danny and I started talking and Danny started quoting scripture to me; he had them all memorized. He quoted the scriptures that seemed to be a message of what was going on in my life at the time. I didn’t mind; I thought a little God in my life was a good thing.

I was on a lot of psych drugs at the time and about the second week I told Danny I was on a lot of meds. I told him I didn’t think I could do the job safely, so I quit the job. I went job to job collecting disability. Then in 1995 I was fed up with life. I told myself I needed a change, so I started going to church. I began to feel something inside of me change. It felt good and the more I went to church the better I felt. I couldn’t get enough.

Then one day I went to Radio Shack. I recognized Danny in the store. It had been ten years since I had seen Danny. I told him what I had been up to for the last nine years. He still worked at that trucking company. He told me he was starting up a church so we hung out together just about every day. Danny quoted scriptures to me and prayed with me frequently.

Danny would come over to my mother’s house. We installed a base station CB radio in the house. I would talk to Danny on the CB when he was on his job truck driving. I continued going to church, praying and reading God’s word.

I took on a driving job, but I continued in God’s word. One day I felt compelled to throw away my medication, so I did. I never felt better in my entire life. I slept like a baby. The Holy Ghost was upon me. I met my wife, so I saw Danny less and less as the years went on.

Recently I received a phone call from my sister telling me that Danny died. She sent me a copy of a newspaper article. Danny had moved to Sarasota FL; he was formerly from Meriden CT. He died peacefully at the age of 56 of pancreatic cancer.
I know we will see each other again.

May the good lord be with him, always.

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"CVABE" by Samantha

Coming to Central Vermont Basic Ed has really opened up my mind to all of the opportunities Ihave in front of me and has kept me motivated to achieve my goals and further my education. I used to have very bad social anxiety mainly while being in a classroom and needing to answer questions, but since I have attended CVABE, I have not felt much of this anxiety and actually noticed my hand up more often and that Iwas ready to answer any question thrown at me.

I have worked on a variety of things ranging from learning about fractions to child development. I learned one of the most difficult concepts, time management, and that Ican't just say things like, "I don't want to go to class today" or, "I'll just stop in later". I discovered that I ultimately am my own responsibility. Attending CVABE has allowed me to persue my
future. It gave me the determination to go after what I love, which is caring for children. Ihave learned a lot in this field. I have figured out what I am capable of as of right now, and what I need to work on.

High school in general has tought me many things, both academically and socially. My experiences at both Montpelier High and CVABE have shaped me into the person that Iam today, but most importantly, from being at both of these places I have learned a lot about my own qualities from all of my strengths to my weaknesses.

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"Camaro Engines: Old vs. New" by Cody

Today I am going to be comparing the stock engines of the 1969 Camaro Z28 and the 2014 Camaro ZL1. I will explain some of the advantages, as well as disadvantages of both engines, based on my own opinion and backed by facts about each engine. Finally, I will discuss how science and modem technology have evolved the classic 1969 Camaro into the beast known today as the ZL 1.

In 1969, Chevy set out to be a competitor in the up and coming muscle car market. Though they had released two previous Camaro models, neither of those could match up to the new and improved Z28 model. Along with an upgraded suspension, and wider wheel base, the Z28 had something under the hood that put the two prior models to shame. With its 302ci, making 290 horsepower at the wheels, this car was a monster for its time, even at stock level. The Z28 package took this to a whole new level offering upgrades such as an 850 cfm four barrel carburetor the car could make 400 wheel horsepower by the time it left the factory. The engine improvements in the 1969 Camaro quickly made it the top muscle car.

The science behind these engines is fairly simple compared to newer ones. Air is pulled in through a pipe, which sits above the engine, and goes into the side of the carb. The choke restricts how much air is let in through this pipe which will also determine how rich the fuel mixture will be. The choke is a small metal flap inside an intake, which can be opened or closed by a lever in the car. When the choke is open, more air will be able to pass through the intake pipe. When the choke is closed, there will be less airflow, causing the fuel mixture to be more rich, this is ideal when the engine is cold. The air then travels through a kinked section of pipe called the venturi. When air passes through the venturi, falling pressure causes suction to occur. This suction draws fuel into the carb from the float chamber. The float chamber is basically a miniature gas tank within a carburetor. In that chamber there is a small needle valve called the float. Once the float drops below a certain level it opens the valve and allows fuel to be pulled from the main tank to re-fill the chamber. After the fuel is pulled through carb it passes down to the cylinders where combustion happens and allows the engine to make its power. How fast this process occurs is dependent on how much throttle is given. Scientifically, it is a very simple engine.

The engine of the ZL1 is a much more complex machine. Ever since the 1960s, when the American muscle car revolution began the camaro has been one of Chevrolet's greatest contenders. The 2014 ZL1 is Chevy's answer to the newest and baddest muscle cars. Next to its race tuned suspension, and all new handling components, sits a 580 horserpower 6.2 liter v8. While this is a considerable increase in stock horsepower, compared to that of the Z28, it is also much harder to modify. In the new engines there are more than thirty computers that control everything from the engine to the braking. In order to modify the ZL 1, you would need a tuner that can over ride the computers and make the proper deletes for that modification. The complexity of this engine is because it is much more scientific, as opposed to that of the 1969, which is more mechanical.

As a result, it is very hard to make modifications to this engine in your own garage without the right equipment. In the Z28, with a few modifications such as twin carburetors and a bigger camshaft, you could produce as much as 700 to 1,000 horsepower and it could all be done in a garage with no computers needed.

The operating system in the new Camaro engine, it uses electronic fuel injection. In an electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine everything is operated by a computer system within the brain of the car. Air passes through the intake which like the old engines is opened or shut based on throttle input. When the air enters it triggers the ECU (electronic control unit) which determines how much fuel is needed by monitoring sensors in the engine. Fuel is delivered from the tank to the injector by means of a small electric pump within the tank. Once in the injector the ECU regulates how much fuel is mixed into the air from the intake. Once the air and fuel are mixed to the right ratio they pass into the cylinders, combust, and create the engines power. Does this mean that the classic 1969 Camaro Z28 is better than the new ZL1? In my opinion, they are both iconic cars, but I prefer the old American muscle because I can work on it myself.

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