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Central Vermont Adult Basic Education, Inc.

Our Purpose

Organizational Purpose Statement

Central Vermont Adult Basic Education, Inc. (CVABE) is an organization of students, community members and teachers in Washington, Orange, and Lamoille Counties committed to developing, evaluating and providing accessible literacy instruction for adults and teens in the belief that a literate person has the essential key for self-understanding and for full and active membership in the world.

Our working strategy has two parts for the realization of full literacy: providing basic education instruction for adults and teens and involving the entire community in the encouragement of their efforts.

Who We Are

CVABE actively participates in local partnerships throughout the tri-county region and beyond advancing the goal of achieving full literacy in Vermont.  Our ever- expanding network of partners includes schools, businesses, human services, cultural and civic organizations, government, and the media.  CVABE works together with these partners more fully integrating life-long learning into the framework of the communities we serve.

What We Do

CVABE has provided adult education and literacy services in Washington, Orange, and Lamoille Counties for 50 years.  We partner with our students to help them…




in themselves


what it takes


their education and career goals

  • Basic skills: reading, writing, math, computer literacy
  • English Language Learning and preparation for U.S. citizenship
  • High school diploma and GED credential programs         
  • Career and college readiness

Our Goal is to open every possible opportunity, for eligible adults in Washington, Lamoille and Orange Counties, through an education in 21st century skills.

Five hundred students, ages 16-90+, receive services annually in all 47 towns and cities of central Vermont.  Services are free, individualized, confidential, and provided through six learning centers (Barre, Montpelier, Waterbury, Morrisville, Bradford, and Randolph) and at job sites, libraries, homes and other locations.  Students receive instruction in 21st century skills for life and family, and employment and further education:

Life and Family Employment and Further Education
  • Reading, writing and math
  • Computer and Internet literacy
  • Financial literacy
  • High school diploma or GED
  • English Language Learning and US Citizenship
  • Being active in children’s literacy: reading to a child, helping with homework, communicating with schools
  • Community/civic involvement
  • Health and legal literacy
  • High school diploma and GED programs
  • Reading, writing and math for specific workplace needs (e.g. manufacturing, health care, retail, customer service)
  • Computer/digital literacy and certification
  • Work and career planning
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Reading, writing and math brush-ups for those with HS diplomas or a GED
  • Preparation for college or pre-professional placement exams (e.g. Accuplacer / Praxis I)

CVABE's students receive intensive, personalized instruction to find and accentuate their strengths and gain success.  They are taught one-to-one and in small, supportive groups.  Proven teaching methods assist students with achieving their unique learning and life goals.  Students work with a teacher to develop a unique and personalized learning plan. Goal-based education, for the 21st century, may include skills for:  getting a high school credential, improving skills for work, or moving on to higher education or a better job.  CVABE tailors its programs to each student’s needs.

Governance and Staffing

CVABE is a non-profit 501(c) (3) governed by a volunteer board of directors.  The board assists with program planning and evaluation and assumes policy and fiscal oversight responsibilities for the organization.  The board represents a wide spectrum of professions and locales from the three-county region and beyond.

Board of Directors

George Lewis, President
Mary Grace, Vice President
Christina Currier, Secretary
Carol Dawes, Treasurer
Marvin Harrison
Peter Mallary
Nancy McCann
Miccal McMullen
Kimberly Swasey

The organization’s Executive Director guides the progress of the organization under the leadership of the CVABE Board of Directors, nurtures the vitality of the organization, and is ultimately responsible for all program operations and activity.

Executive Director
Carol Shults-Perkins

CVABE’s professional staff includes Teacher/Community Coordinators and High School Completion Plan Managers—together these positions staff CVABE’s six learning centers, teach students, and support and manage volunteers to help with all aspects of CVABE’s work.

Teacher/Community Coordinators & High School Completion Plan Managers

Charlotte Bill (Lamoille County)
Laura Bozarth (Washngton County)
David Busker (Washington County)
Michele Gonzalez (Lamoille County)
Dan Jones (Washington County)
Brian Kravitz (Washington County)
Casey Lussier (Lamoille County)
Ed Pirie (Orange County)
Doris Plumb (Washington County)
Jacqueline Stuart (Washington County)
Tom Treece (Orange County)
Joanne Vyce (Washington County)

CVABE’s supervisors, operations, and support staff work to further the organization’s role in serving the adults and teens in our area needing education services.

Operations and Support
Nancy J. Dulac, Operations and Finance Officer
Denise Ferrari, Program Support Assistant
Brian Kravitz, Outreach Coordinator / Adult Secondary Education Specialist
Joanne Fitzgerald, Development Coordinator
Kate Nicolet, Supervisor of Education Quality and Student Outcomes
Kimberley Pelkey, Receptionist/Clerk
Holly Richards, GED and WorkKeys Assessments
Gale Rome, Volunteer Coordinator

More than 100 dedicated volunteers actively support CVABE’s education services throughout the 47 communities of our tri-county region.  These volunteers teach and mentor students, provide organizational leadership and financial stewardship, provide operational support, public outreach, and operations support.  We regularly develop new volunteer roles and activities.


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Annual Reports

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