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Central Vermont Adult Basic Education, Inc.
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers have been at the heart of CVABE’s operations since the organization’s earliest days . . .

Being a volunteer is extremely rewarding, educational, exciting and fun.  You can have a huge impact on the lives of your fellow community members.  CVABE volunteers are local partners in learning throughout the tri-county region.

Hundreds of CVABE volunteers work together to help build the supportive atmosphere essential to each student’s progress.  From this wellspring of interest and participation in the movement towards full literacy, CVABE’s services to adults and teenagers continue to be student centered and relevant to the evolving circumstances of the community.

Volunteers have been at the heart of CVABE’s operations since the organization’s earliest days.  Today, hundreds of volunteers provide tens of thousands of hours of assistance to students as they work towards earning their GED or Adult Diploma, enhance their computer skills to upgrade their employment, learn English as a new language, or develop basic literacy skills in reading, writing and math.  Many of CVABE’s volunteers serve as teachers.  Others support the organization’s mission in a variety of ways.

Members of the communities in which our adult students live provide critical support and encouragement. Adults learn best when instructional delivery is local and responsive to their learning needs.

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Please call the Barre  Learning Center at (802) 476-4588,
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