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Central Vermont Adult Basic Education, Inc.

Our volunteers say . . .


I like doing an important job, because people call with questions and I help them.  I encourage people to come in and see what CVABE is and has to offer.


I will do anything I can to increase literacy because my philosophy has always been if you can teach someone to read you  have actually provided ultimate freedom for them.  Their mind can guide them because they have the ability to read and find information—and find great pleasure, too.

volunteer training

I’ve met a lot of nice people, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of volunteering at CVABE.

I think it's a great program.  Reading is so important.  Our age group did not get help with dyslexia.  I have a friend with dyslexia, and that motivated me to want to help someone with reading difficulties.


I walked in here, no qualifications, and said I want to do this.  So I’ve been helping a man in his fifties who got laid off and wanted to get his GED.  I’ve been helping him to learn to write and read English.


I have been a tutor at CVABE for a number of years.  You meet a very interesting variety of students, with interesting stories and a variety of needs—not all of them for basic literacy, but all of them for the kinds of help this organization gives.


It’s been a great joy for me to work with a number of families on their developing English language skills. I feel very thankful that I can contribute in some small way.


I’m learning more than I’m giving, and am getting to know a lot of new friends through my student’s family.  My grandparents came from Spain and Italy, and working with my student makes me think about their trials in a new country.


One of the things that has attracted me and kept me with CVABE is the flexibility of the organization, by way of having volunteers as well as excellent paid staff.  It enables us for example to be able to help a grandpa who wants to be able to read to his kids, it enables us to help someone who had trouble and fell through the cracks in high school and wants to get a GED.

“Norman Mailer asserts that democracy depends on love, the emotion that draws individuals and classes in society together for the common good. It seemed to me that no better example of how love and democracy are interrelated could be found than where love is obviously manifested in the relationships between teacher and student, and those relationships are supported with loving dedication by staff, board members and other volunteers.  When this happens, I know our democracy is strong and working.”

 - CVABE volunteer teacher

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