CVABE Celebrates Adult Education and Literacy Week

This week, September 24 – 30, marks Adult Education and Literacy Week, 2018. It is a time for the entire community, local and national, to recognize the important role adult education providers have in the strength of the community, the growth of the economy, and the positive influence it has on the lives of adult learners and their families.

A recent publication by the National Council of State Directors of Adult Education stated, “Adult education programs are successful in meeting their performance measures as identified in the federal law and negotiated each year with the US Department of Education. Those measures include: educational gains in reading, math, and/or English; completion of secondary education; transition to postsecondary education; employment; and retaining employment.”

Central Vermont Adult Basic Education (CVABE) is the Adult Education and Literacy provider for Washington, Orange and Lamoille counties in Vermont, with six learning centers throughout the tri-county area. CVABE provides free services to almost 500 adult learners a year.

“We see the successes of adult learners every day.” Says Carol Shults-Perkins, CVABE’s Executive Director. “Our educational programing is personalized and student goal driven. The accomplishment of their life, family and career goals show how meaningful and important adult education is in the lives of our students. We are extremely pleased about our outcomes for 2018.”

57% of students with the goal, gained computer literacy.
61% of students with the goal, were active in their children’s education and literacy development.
62% of our students with high school level skills earned a high school credential.

Students with career readiness and college goals:

  • 33% entered postsecondary education or job training
  • 26% achieved one or more career skills’ certifications (LNA, Cosmetology, HVAC, OSHA, etc.)
  • 62% improved their work readiness
  • 35% obtained a job or a more livable wage job
  • 81% retained their current jobs

 “As per the 2011 Census,” says Shults-Perkins, “the average annual earnings for a person without a high school credential was $10,966, versus $21,569 for one with a credential. In 2018, CVABE actively supported 195 adults on their pathway to a high school credential. We know that a diploma has immediate earning potential.” Shults-Perkins continues, “We can’t put a monetary value on the other goals, like ‘being active in children’s education and literacy.’ What we do know, though, is that adult education positively changes the lives of all who are touched by our students.”

For Adult Education and Literacy Week, CVABE acknowledges and celebrates adult learners in Central Vermont, the entire state, and the nation as a whole. For more information about adult education in general, or CVABE, call (802) 476-4588.

We look forward to meeting more adult learners in our community, and helping you to dream, believe, learn and achieve.