Staff Comings and Goings


Deb Fadden and Thom McAllister have been wonderful additions to our learning community, and served in the Montpelier and Waterbury learning centers, respectively. Ed Pirie retired in January, spending the last few years of his career doing what he loved, teaching, in our Bradford Learning Center. We wish Deb, Thom and Ed the very best into the future. They have positively affected hundreds of lives, and they will be missed

A Message from Deb and Thom

After a relatively short but memorable time at CVABE we have decided that it is time for us to move along to the next phase of our lives. Having been kept apart from our son, our daughter-in-law, and our grandson by the pandemic, we are planning to make the journey across the country to Washington and revel in some much needed family time before moving on to hiking and camping in some of our national parks and forest lands.

It has been a great privilege to be part of the adult education community in central Vermont and we appreciate all the support, guidance, humor and insight provided to us by CVABE staff, students, volunteers and community partners.





Ed Pirie

Ed Pirie, who retired in January, started his CVABE career 23+ years ago in November 1997 as the program’s “Out of School Youth” Teacher/Community Coordinator.  He was hired as CVABE was laying the groundwork for a program dedicated to serving out of school youth.  The program combined academic work towards a GED credential with job search experience.  That program was originally housed in Barre at a site (a couple of blocks from the Barre Learning Center) called “The Hill Street Depot”.   At the time, city leaders, public school personnel, students and volunteers celebrated the opening of this new resource, the only one of its kind in the state.  Ed was always a strong and caring advocate for students.


Amanda Hass

We would like to welcome Amanda, who will be filling Deb’s very big shoes in Montpelier. As a graduate student at UMass Boston’s Applied Linguistics program, Amanda began volunteering for CVABE in 2020. We couldn’t ask for a more skilled and qualified person, and are thrilled to have Amanda on board with us!

Hello! My name is Amanda Hass, and I am a new Teacher/Community Coordinator at the Montpelier location. I will be graduating with a master's degree in Applied Linguistics from UMass Boston on May 27. My courses taught me so much about language: its forms, how to learn it, and how to teach it. While my degree focused solely on language, I believe the skills acquired and lessons learned will help me be a great teacher for any subject!

Coming from rural northern Minnesota, I have always enjoyed the feeling of a close community. My growing up in a tight-knit community fostered a drive to help and support people no matter who or where they are in life. Therefore, I am very excited to be able to combine my interest in language and teaching and background in community building into this new position as a Teacher/Community Coordinator for CVABE.