Skills Building

Improve Your Reading, Writing, Math, Computer Skills,
and Financial Literacy

An adult may be learning to read, write or do math for the first time, or he or she may just need to brush-up on some skills  That’s what CVABE is all about—working with individual students on the skills they need.

Basic Skills

These basics skills are important to our every day lives. They can help you do the following:

  • Read mail, newspapers, medical information, and important forms
  • Read to or help a child with homework
  • Find and keep a higher paying job
  • Write important letters and emails
  • Do research on the Internet
  • Create and manage a household budget
  • Take care of home and family
  • Prepare for college or career training

Computer Skills and Northstar Digital Literacy Certification

Computer literacy is a necessity in the 21st century. It is often required by employers, even for “non-office” jobs, and the more computer literate you are, the better the chance of getting a promotion and raise. Computers are used to find information, distribute information, and to communicate. Many adults never learned how to use computers, but it’s not too late.

You can learn or improve essential skills in Computer Basics - Internet Basics, Email, Windows; Software Skills -Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Using Technology to Accomplish Tasks - Social Media, Information Literacy.

CVABE provides free, basic computer instruction to adults in Central Vermont.  We offer the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment and online learning modules.  Our students can obtain the Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate, an important credential for employment and higher education.

Our learning centers have desktop computers, laptops and IPads for you to learn on.  Whether the need is for work, research, to video chat with grandkids, etc., it’s never too late to learn computer skills.

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