Career and College Readiness

Be Ready for Your Next Job or College Move

Challenged by the growing skill demands in your job or want to pursue a career change or advancement?  You can further your education or job training and achieve your goals with CVABE’s assistance.

We help adults, with or without a high school credential, to gain the necessary skills for successful transition into further education, job training or career advancement.  We can help you improve reading, writing, math, computer, resume writing, test-taking skills, and more to meet your career and/or college goals.

Our teachers will work with you to set your career goals, assess your skills and identify any academic needs, develop a personalized learning plan, and help you to access resources and follow through on your plans.

Whether you are looking for work, planning to take some college classes or to enroll in a technical training program, or are looking to advance in your current field, our free services can provide what you need to further your education or advance your career.


With CVABE’s help, adults in Central Vermont can prepare for, find and be successful in a training program that meets their goals.

Your goal may be to improve your skills in order to be successful in a specific career - Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA), Culinary Arts, Certified Manufacturing Technician, Plumbing and Heating, Cosmetology, CDL license, etc.

CVABE has relationships with a broad array of career, technical and vocational training programs and employers in Central Vermont.  We provide skills brush-up, help with application processes, exam preparation, and finding the resources to pay for programs.


CVABE can help you prepare for college. This may include improving your reading writing, math, computer and study skills and learning time management techniques.  We help students prepare for the College Board Accuplacer assessments required for enrolling at Community College of Vermont and other colleges.

CVABE collaborates with college counselors and outreach counselors from Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to make further education and training options as accessible as possible.

The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) provides grants, loans, scholarships, career and education planning, and general information about how you or your family members can pursue certificate or higher education programs. Click here to learn more about VSAC.

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