English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL)

Learn English and Prepare for Citizenship

Adults who come to our area from a wide range of countries may benefit from our classes in English and U.S. Citizenship, but may also learn the skills they need for themselves, for their families, for a better job, or for access to higher learning in college.

  • Learn to speak, read and write the English language
  • Prepare to become a U.S. Citizen
  • Learn to use a computer and the Internet
  • Get a high school diploma or GED

Adults can improve their English reading, writing and speaking skills to more fully participate in the community: communicating with doctors, schools, banks, reading mail.

The goal for many students is United States Citizenship. We have many students who work with us to prepare for the test to become United States citizens.

To find out how CVABE can help you, call (802)476-4588 or email info@cvabe.org. The service and classes are free and confidential.

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